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Forever Dramata


Some shout-outs to people who deserve some props for helpin' out and other miscellaneous legal notices.

I would like to thank the following people for helping me make this site:
Dennis for giving me advice from the beginning and now.
May for "motivating" me to do this site...
Miguel for his advices too.
Thanks you guys!
So, please show your support by visiting their site!

And the people who sent in their comments, suggestions, and contributions; thank you too.
VRaider, Chris, and others who've sent in tutorials.
This site wouldn't be as good as it is without you. (Give yourself a pat in the back. ^_^)

Slayers (c) 1995 Hajime Kanzaki, Rui Araizumi, Kadokawa, TV Tokyo, and SOFTX. Slayers (c) 1998 Enoki Films, and Software Sculptors Ltd. All rights reserved.

Anime/ Manga Characters and Series are copyrighted to their respectful owners. All rights reserved.

All text and images in this site are the sole property of Rio A. and should not be used without my permission whatsoever. If I find out you have been taking advantage of my Downloadable Tutorial - I'll make sure no one will ever again...

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